The key to avoiding a DUI and a potentially dangerous driving situation is to know your drinking limits. As a general rule, it will take around 4 drinks in an hour on an empty stomach to push a 170 pound man’s blood alcohol level over the legal limit, and 3 drinks for a 140 pounds woman on an empty stomach, but keep in mind that everyone is different. No two people will react the same way to alcohol, so it is important to know your own personal limits. The following is a list of tips from our DUI lawyer in Athens to help you enjoy alcohol safely:

  • Don’t drink on an empty stomach- Going out for a few drinks? Eat a good meal beforehand! Avoid eating salty snacks while you are drinking, because they will make you want to drink more.
  • Don’t try to keep up with your friends- It can be tempting to try to keep up with your buddies at the bar, but keep in mind that everyone is different, so you need to drink at your own pace.
  • Alternate alcoholic drinks with water- By following this rule, you will not only pace yourself a lot more, but you will also thank yourself the next morning.
  • Have a backup plan- No matter how careful you are about what you drink, you will need to have a backup plan in place, just in case. Have a friend standing by to give you a ride or save the number for a cab in your phone ahead of time.