How Many Drinks Can I Have And Still Be Safe To Drive in Athens, OH?

There’s always a fine line between having a nice drink with some friends and having a few too many and thinking you’re capable of safely driving home. Where exactly does that line lie? Rather than giving an exact number of drinks, the state of Ohio gives percentages of alcohol in your blood. This percentage is targeted based on the amount when your body no longer is able to act 100% ready and aware for the driving tasks.

The State of Ohio determines that if your blood alcohol content is at 0.08% then you are legally prohibited from operating a vehicle. Since we don’t have a buzzer that goes off in our brain when our body reaches 0.08% alcohol, it becomes difficult to determine how much is too much. Therefore, you need to take the time now to learn about yourself. Here are some factors that come into play for BAC.


  • Weight

  • Gender

  • Body Fat Percentage

  • Medication (Typically thins your blood and therefore reduces the amount of alcohol to reach typical BAC. Consult your doctor for more information).

Depending on the combination of all factors listed above will determine your individual drinks allowed to reach the limit before operating a vehicle.

When all’s said and accounted for, “How many drinks can I have and still be safe to drive in Athens, OH?” is the wrong question to ask considering there is no concrete limit for everyone. Instead, check out the blood alcohol level calculator.

Remember, the best answer for drinking and driving is to not do it. However, if you’ve been cited with an OVI in Athens, Ohio, then Susan Gwinn – Attorney at Law – is your aggressive, experienced and affordable attorney of choice.