The Benefits Of A Traffic Attorney In Athens, OH

Traffic laws are ones that dictate the lives of many people in Athens, Ohio and the United States as a whole. Ohio ranks as #7 for highest number of licensed drivers with more than 7.5 million, according to State Master. That’s 7.5 million people to organize day in and day out, commuting from one place to another in an orderly fashion. Yet there’s always that one time when circumstances change and it seems worth it to neglect certain traffic laws to try and arrive to your destination quickly. Chances are that the one time you decide to break the law, the police are right there watching and now writing you a ticket. Sounds like you need an attorney to help you fight your ticket.

Whether you were cited for speeding, running a red light, or flipping that u-turn to fulfill your shortcut, Susan Gwinn and fellow lawyers are professionals at fighting traffic violations in court. Common traffic tickets can charge a fine and add penalty points. If you receive 12 points in two years, you will lose your license. We are aggressive, experienced and affordable, which means you will have the opportunity to defend your case in a search for justice. We charge around $300 as a retainer to represent you in court. This is a small fee to fight in court that could end up saving you much more.

For a more severe traffic violation such as an OMVI can cost much more than a monetary value, it can cost you your freedom. If you are found guilty, you can serve time in jail, or minimally have your license suspended. For a $1,000 retainer, Susan Gwinn will partner with you to defend your rights in trial.