Ohio Points System: Part II

Last time we briefly discussed the assessment of points to a driver’s licence due to traffic offences. As was mentioned, a maximum of 12 points may be added to a driver’s licence, at which time a mandatory six month suspension is imposed. This leaves the question of just how those points are accrued. First and foremost, regardless of how minor the traffic ticket, it is important to contact a lawyer to discuss your options. Now, traffic tickets can be confusing and it is sometimes assumed that it is better to pay the fine. That may be true in some instances but licence points must be considered and points are only assessed if a conviction is reached.

Depending on the severity of the citation, points can range from 2 to 4 for speeding and up to 6 for things such as vehicular homicide. In certain cases it may be possible to explore a reduction in the severity of the conviction, such as pleading to a lesser offence. Regardless, the accumulation of points can be reduced through programs such as a remedial driving course.

Accumulation of points not only affects your driving record but your insurance rates are likely to rise as well. In Ohio, as well as most other States in the country, driving is considered a privilege and the DMV is not easy to negotiate with. The best course of action is to contact Susan Gwinn Law and attempt a resolution before the DMV is involved. So call today! We can help with your traffic law needs!