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At Susan Gwinn Law, we understand how difficult it can be to navigate the complexities of the legal world. That’s why we’re here to provide our clients with the aggressive, top-rated, and affordable legal representation they need to get the best outcome. We are a trusted beacon of legal aid in Athens, Ohio, and we tailor our services to meet the individual needs of each of our clients. We strive to make the legal process as stress-free and straightforward as possible. Our team of experienced attorneys has the knowledge and expertise to make sure all of your legal needs are met. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.

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Distinguished Background

With a distinguished career that spans years, Susan Gwinn has steadfastly represented thousands in the Athens region. Her vast legal acumen covers areas from criminal and traffic offenses to specialized OVI cases and domestic violence. Not only is she licensed to practice in Ohio, the US Federal District Court, and the United States Supreme Court, but she's also an acclaimed legal author. Her esteemed affiliations include memberships in the Athens County and Ohio State Bar Associations.

An alumnus of both Ohio University and the University of Toledo's College of Law, Susan's roles have been varied yet impactful. She served as an Assistant Ohio Attorney General, contributed as a member of the Athens County Board of Elections, and today stands as a trusted attorney for many locals.

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Diverse Expertise Tailored to Your Legal Needs

At the heart of Susan Gwinn's practice lies a broad spectrum of specialized services designed to cater to various legal challenges:

  • Traffic/OVI/DUI: Navigating the nuances of traffic laws and defending your rights against OVI and DUI charges.

  • Criminal Defense: Standing by your side to ensure your rights are protected and the best possible defense is presented.

  • Family Law: Assisting families in their most crucial moments, from divorces to child custody battles.

  • Civil Litigation: Championing your cause in civil disputes to ensure just resolutions.

To explore the full range of services and understand how Susan Gwinn can assist you, Visit Our Services Page.

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Hear from our clients about their experiences and understand why Susan Gwinn is Athens’ top-rated attorney.


Very Responsive

"I highly recommend Susan as a first rate traffic attorney. She is very responsive and on top of things. She walked me step by step through the traffic court process and helped me understand exactly what to expect. Most importantly, Susan helped facilitate a positive end result."

- T. Stengel


Lucky I found Susan

"Living in North Carolina, I have literally burned up the highway back and forth to Ohio (over the past 30+ years) for family visits and events. On a recent trip, in a new luxury car that still had temporary tags on it, I was stopped in the middle of nowhere (Meigs County), at midnight, and cited for a speeding violation...more"

- Adrian West


You Can trust Susan Gwinn

"Susan represented me in a domestic case, and she dealt honestly with me when no one else would. Her advice saved me money at her expense!

You can trust Susan Gwinn."

- Eric Martindale

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Ready to discuss your case? Whether you're dealing with an OVI charge or seeking expert legal advice, Susan is here to assist. Contact Us Now or Call (740) 594-8686.

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