Some Considerations About Driving Drunk

The personal toll that a DUI/OVI can have on the offender and their family is not something that is easily forgotten. Let’s say that you find yourself in a situation that may end in a DUI/OVI conviction; your first course of action should have been avoiding the situation in the first place, such as getting a ride from a friend or calling a taxi. Second, make sure you call Susan Gwinn Attorney at Law.

Pulled Over

When pulled over, it is a possibility that the officer will request DUI/OVI testing – it is well within your rights to request a blood test. Keep in mind that if you do refuse any of the testing, your license will be revoked for a minimum of one year. If convicted and it is your first offence, it is mandatory that you will lose your license for 90 days. Keep in mind that your blood alcohol content has a bearing on your conviction and the higher it is, the more likely you will lose your license for much longer.

Family Issues

It is no secret that the individual receiving a DUI/OVI is not the only one who will suffer, especially if there is a family involved. A DUI/OVI can affect future employment opportunities and injure earning potential; certain professions are extremely intolerant of DUI/OVI convictions. With a DUI/OVI conviction it is very likely that your license will be revoked for months So if you have a family, it is best that you think of the impact a DUI/OVI will have on them. Transportation is an issue and you must rely on others to get around. Additionally, the fines for a DUI/OVI can reach thousands of dollars and a classroom driver intervention program is sometimes necessary.

Driving Again

Depending on the severity of the OVI it is possible that an ignition interlock may be required in order for you to drive again. The ignition interlock may seem like a one-time situation but an initial installation is quite expensive as is the monthly fee for monitoring and calibration. An interlock device is a less than ideal way to drive a car and the offender must blow into the mouthpiece every 15 minutes. This may seem like a small price to pay for the privilege of driving again but keep in mind that it is designed to make an impact and provide a deterrent. The money to install and maintain an interlock device will never be recovered and the best way to deal with an interlock is to not get yourself into the situation.

What Else Could Happen

Ultimately, the nightmare of a DUI/OVI is that someone could be injured or killed. The pinnacle of enforcement in Ohio is nightmarish itself: Vehicle forfeiture. For a third offence DUI/OVI, one possibility for punishment is vehicle forfeiture. That sounds bad in any context but keep in mind that you actually have to pay the state to take possession of your vehicle. If that occurs it is likely that the state will levy the maximum license suspension, suspension for life. So think about the consequences before you make the decision to drink and drive, or don’t do it at all. Call Susan Gwinn Attorney at Law Today!