Getting a DUI Lawyer in Athens, OH

It’s a serious offense to get pulled over and arrested for an operating vehicle while intoxicated (OVI) felony. Therefore, even if it’s your first time being charged for an OV, getting a lawyer for your case is essential. Susan Gwinn Law is a top-rated law office that has represented thousands of clients in Athens, OH, for years. So when it comes to criminal and traffic legal offenses, we are your attorney of choice.

Why Do You Need an Attorney?

Spending an extra dollar to hire a professional lawyer will ensure no problems during your case proceedings. Here are reasons why a lawyer is necessary for an OV case.

The Law Is Intricate

If you are not a lawyer, you should not try to act like one. Even professional lawyers sometimes need someone else to represent them in court, and attorneys specialized in specific legal practice areas like tax law or criminal defense law will be your best hope.

Therefore, a solid OV case can easily open up without help from a trained attorney. Similarly, failing to hire an attorney in certain legal matters can cause some otherwise avoidable pitfalls.

A Lawyer Can Challenge Evidence

If you lack law knowledge, you might fail to determine the legitimacy of a key piece of evidence in your case. However, lawyers can tell if a shred of evidence was improperly obtained and quickly tell when a witness contradicts an earlier statement.

Your lawyer can also tell if the crime lab properly handled evidence throughout the way and have that evidence cleanly suppressed.

Without a Lawyer, It Could Cost More

First, know what is at stake. Even a simple offense like an OVI can cause you time behind bars, and in a civil case, the financial costs can be demanding. Still, some attorneys do not charge a dime until your case is won, so this is advantageous for you.

Additionally, in a civil case, you can claim legal fees as a plaintiff. Therefore, hiring a DUI Lawyer in Athens, OH, can save or even make you money.

You Reduce Your Court Time

If you are not an attorney, you can have problems with deadlines and protocols in filing the necessary legal documents. However, the attorney in Athens will have your case prepared and ready to defend you. Sometimes, you do not even need to appear in court since your lawyer can handle it.

Final Thoughts

If you are detained for an OVI in Athens, OH, contact Susan Gwinn Law immediately for any legal services. We will be happy to discuss your case and see how we can offer assistance. We will do everything to ensure one mistake won’t affect your entire life.