4 Types of Field Sobriety Tests that Authorities May Use


4 Types of Field Sobriety Tests that Authorities May Use

When a driver gets pulled over under the suspicion of DUI or OVI, police officers typically perform several tests to determine whether or not the driver is sober. These tests include physical and neurological tests in order to determine sobriety. Here are four different tests that they may use to determine sobriety. If you are under legal duress due to a DUI or OVI, contact the OVI lawyers at Susan Gwinn Attorney at Law today!


Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus Test

This test is designed to test your eye’s ability to focus and move smoothly. The officer holds a finger up in front of your face and moves it back and forth to see how your pupils move. If they are jittery, that may mean you are intoxicated. Ask the OVI lawyers at Susan Gwinn Attorney at Law for more information regarding your legal troubles!


The One-Leg Stand Test

This is a test designed to show whether or not the driver can balance. While holding the hands down by the side, the driver will be instructed to raise one leg slightly and balance on the other while counting up and maintaining balance and not falling over, bouncing around, or using the arms to balance!


The Walk-and-Turn Test

This is the one test that the majority of people are familiar with. The officer may ask the driver to stand with one foot on a straight line and walk heel-toe for a few steps, and then turn around again and do the same back. This is all to show whether the driver can balance or not.



The final test that many officers will perform is a breathalyzer test. While this test doesn’t require much physical aspect on your part, it helps to determine the driver’s blood-alcohol content and can result in an arrest when procedures are followed. If you have been arrested and are in legal trouble for a DUI or OVI charge, reach out to Susan Gwinn Attorney at Law today!

If you are in legal trouble because of a DUI or OVI, the incredible lawyers at Susan Gwinn may be able to help your situation to improve! For more information about the sobriety tests utilized by the authorities or about the law behind DUI and OVI charges, reach out to Susan Gwinn today!

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