What To Expect After You Get Pulled Over Drunk – Part 2


In our last blog post, we covered the initial steps of an OVI (commonly called a DUI) arrest and what you can expect in those beginning moments. After a while, you will receive your sentencing and from there you will have certain requirements that you have to cover before you’ve fully paid for your OVI. These are the components of an OVI that become stressful, costly, and a little bit intimidating, which is where the expertise of Susan Gwinn comes in. Check out the next few steps and you’ll see why you should trust Susan Gwinn with your OVI case. If you are currently undergoing the following steps, then don’t hesitate to contact our office.

You don’t want to go into it alone, and you also don’t want someone representing you that doesn’t have the knowledge or experience that is necessary in OVI cases. Susan Gwinn is the most trusted OVI lawyer in Athens and will use her vast knowledge in criminal law and previous cases to get you the best possible outcome in your case.

Your License Is Suspended

This is something that happens for each and every OVI case, regardless of the circumstances. The amount of time that your license is suspended for will, however, depend on the circumstances of your arrest and what your alcohol level was at when you were pulled over. Time frames of suspended licenses can vary anywhere from six months to multiple years. In fact, after your fourth offense, it is possible that you will lose your license permanently.

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Paying the Price

The time that’s spent driving while intoxicated winds up costing you more than a cab ever would have. In fact, with all of the fines, paying for classes, etc., you could have saved money renting a helicopter to take you where you needed to go instead of driving drunk. You can expect to spend a couple of thousand dollars on court fees, OVI tickets, any additional classes that you may be required to take as well as any further costs that arise based on injury or damage. Dealing with an OVI is seriously costly, and has caused many financial issues for those that don’t have the financial means to pay for everything while also paying for their day-to-day needs.

Money isn’t the only thing that an OVI costs you. It also costs you time. From dealing with your court appearances to taking classes and possibly having to go in for random breathalyzers, the time taken away from you can put a strain on your job performance as well as your relationships.

Further Punishment

Depending on the severity of your OVI arrest, you may be subject to serving time in jail, losing your license entirely, or having a breathalyzer installed in your car. These types of punishments lead to more fines that need to be paid and longer periods of time where you’re unable to operate a vehicle.

These are the components that we work to minimize. As an OVI defense lawyer, Susan Gwinn will do anything in her power to provide you with the security and support that you need to minimize the punishments that you get handed. Call our office in Athens today and schedule a time to sit down with Susan Gwinn. You can count on her to take your case incredibly seriously and make sure that you are kept informed throughout every step of the way. Susan Gwinn practices OVI law throughout Southeastern Ohio, serving individuals throughout Athens County and the surrounding area.