Penalties for DUI/OVI in Athens, Ohio

Drivers in Ohio get DUI charges if they commit serious drug-related traffic offenses called operating a vehicle while impaired (OVI). DUI offenses bring OVI penalties to the driving record of the offender. Drunk driving laws in Ohio determine the specific penalties that the driver or motorist faces in Athens, OH, resulting from driving while impaired on the state’s public roads. If you need a DUI Lawyer in Athens, Susan Gwinn Law is your office to call.

Ohio OVI Penalties

DUI penalties in Ohio depend on the driver/motorist’s age and their blood alcohol content (BAC). Moreover, their convictions can be more severe if they have previous records of traffic offenses.

Some common consequences for committing OVI offenses include license suspension, jail time, and high driving fines. These fines depend on the particular situation and the number of the driver’s previous traffic offenses.

First DUI Offense

Getting charged with a first-time DUI offense in Ohio means you’ll face several penalties, including the driver’s license suspension for between six months and three years and a minimum jail time of 72 hours. Additionally, the first DUI violation attracts a traffic fine which varies regarding the specific situation.

Second DUI Offense

Penalties are more severe on a second violation and include the suspension of the driver’s license for one to five years and a jail sentence of 10 days minimum. They also face a steep driving fine and will pay several other fines depending on the specific situation.

Third DUI Offense

Committing a third DUI in Ohio gets the driver a 30-days jail time. Their driving license will also be suspended for one to 10 years. It also attracts high driving fines vis-à-vis the felony committed.

Fourth DUI Offense

The repercussions get worse if you commit a fourth DUI felony. The driving license is suspended for a minimum of three years or even a permanent revoking of driving privileges. Additionally, the driver can be sentenced to 60 days in jail and can pay fines reaching $10,500.

Still, with a qualified attorney in Athens, you can turn the case around and bail out if the case wins.

Fifth/Subsequent DUI Offense

The fifth and subsequent DUI offenses bring the harshest consequences. These surpass the severity of OVI penalties in the fourth and previous offenses.

Thus, when drivers and motorists face DUI charges in Ohio, we highly encourage hiring a defense lawyer to represent them in a court of law.


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