Interlock Ignition Device

If you’ve been arrested for an OVI in Ohio, you have a few optional penalties as well as others that are mandatory. Some mandatory penalties were discussed in one of our previous blogs, and this blog will serve to dive into an optional penalty for those who have had one OVI: an interlock ignition device. It is important to note that the interlock ignition device is a mandatory penalty for those who have gotten two OVIs in a six year time period. So whether you’ve gone through court or you are still looking for a DUI Lawyer in Athens, the interlock ignition is a device worth knowing about.

An interlock ignition is a device that serves to protect drivers and passengers on the road from drunk drivers. It forces the driver to test his or her blood alcohol content by blowing into the interlock ignition. If the driver’s BAC is under 0.08, the car will start.

As interlock ignition devices continue to evolve, more precautions are installed to ensure less people get away with drinking and driving. One of these ways is through spontaneous BAC tests in case the driver had some help of a sober friend near by. During the spontaneous BAC test, if the driver fails, the ignition will not automatically shut off (since that’d be just as dangerous as an impaired driver). Instead, an alarm feature will engage such as horns honking or lights flashing until the driver turns the ignition off on his or her own.

One OVI is rough enough, so install that interlock ignition to prevent needing a DUI lawyer again.