DUI Statistics You Don’t Want To Be A Part Of

Did you know that one person is killed every 30 minutes in the United States due to drunk driving? The worst part about drunk driving is the innocent victims and their families who suffer from you’re unethical decision to drive while under the influence of alcohol. Although there are many instances tragedy strikes, there are some “lucky” people out there who are pulled over and given a DUI.

If you’re someone who has thought that a DUI couldn’t happen to you, think again. According to LifeTips, approximately two-thirds of DUI convictions are for first time offenders, and more than one-third of all fatal traffic accidents involve at least one person with a BAC (blood-alcohol content) over 0.08 percent.

It’s up to you to avoid becoming a statistic by making smart choices before getting behind the wheel. It’s important for you to realize that you could change or end someone’s life, including your own, if you sit behind the wheel. Instead, opt for a taxi ride home or designate a sober driver. Make arrangements before you start drinking with your friends.

Unfortunately, sometimes it’s inevitable, and a DUI can happen. If this sounds like the situation you have encountered, give Susan Gwinn Law, the most trusted DUI lawyer in Athens, Ohio, a call. She can be your first line of defense that you need. Feel free to better understand what a DUI lawyer can do for you and stay informed on how we can help you.