DUI Facts Everyone 21 & Over Should Know

DUIs are scary to think about, but they’re in place for a reason. Driving under the influence can cause you or someone else to create tragedy that could have been avoided in the first place. If you or someone you know is in need of DUI lawyer in Athens, Ohio, Susan Gwinn Law is the office to call. Like we just said, DUIs are scary to think about. So in order for you to understand how you can avoid getting a DUI in the first place, here are some facts about driving under the influence that can help you take a step back before you decide to get behind the wheel drunk.

  1. Impairment is not controlled by the type of alcohol you consume, it’s about the number of drinks that you consumed over a certain period of time. So, despite all of the myths about taking a cold shower, drinking coffee or exercising to sober up; only time can control it.
  2. The average DUI offender will drive 80 times under the influence of alcohol before their first DUI arrest.
  3. Don’t drive drunk… every 51 minutes in the United States, someone is killed by a drunk driver or in a drunk driving crash. That equates to 27 lives lost every single day. So, offer to be the designated driver for friends and family to ensure that everyone you love gets home safely.
  4. For drivers who are under the age of 21, the United States has a No Tolerance policy when it comes to driving under the influence. This policy does not allow any alcohol whatsoever to be in this person’s blood stream while behind the wheel. If you are caught driving with a trace of alcohol in your blood stream, there are many consequences: expensive fines, jail time, or loss of license.

Before you decide to sit behind the wheel of your car after drinking, you may want to think twice. If you have been arrested for DUI, give our DUI lawyer in Athens a call now!