Don’t Mix Alcohol & Driving

In our previous post, we started giving you reasons to never drink and drive. The DUI attorneys in Athens believe there are ways to stay responsible, even when you’ve had too much to drink. Catch up by reading out last post to learn some of the devastating statistics that driving under the influence has caused.

According to a study completed by LifeTips, 40 percent of fatal automobile accidents are alcohol-related. That’s a very high percentage, and it’s up to you to avoid becoming part of that statistic. Further, approximately 30 percent of Americans have already been a part of an accident that was due to alcohol. Now, ask yourself, does this percentage include you?

And if you’re thinking that you won’t ever drive drunk, just understand that many people get caught who think they would never or could never. In fact, the misconception is that the biggest day for DUI arrests is New Year’s Eve, but that’s wrong! The biggest holiday that cops are on the prowl is Thanksgiving. So, think twice before getting behind the wheel after you’ve had too much turkey to eat and too much wine to drink. But just so we’re clear, New Year’s Eve runs a distant second to Thanksgiving.

Regardless of the statistics about drunk driving, it’s up to you to stay safe and to stay clear of the wheel when you’ve had a few too many of your favorite alcoholic beverages. If you’re someone who hasn’t been lucky enough to avoid a DUI, your attorney can help. Contact Susan Gwinn Law in Athens, Ohio if you have been charged with a DUI.