Going out for a night out on the town can be incredibly fun and exciting, but anytime alcohol is involved, things can get out of hand quickly. Drinking responsibly will not only help you to avoid getting a DUI, but it will also help you to enjoy a fun, and more importantly, safe night out. That is why our DUI attorney in Athens, OH has come up with this list of tips on how to drink responsibly:

  • Pick a designated driver- This step is an obvious one, but it gets overlooked all too often. Your designated driver shouldn’t be someone that just drinks one of two drinks, they should be prepared to stick to soda or water all night long!
  • Schedule transportation ahead of time- Too many designated drivers end up giving in and drinking anyway, which is why it is always good to have a backup plan. Whether you ask a friend to come pick you up or you schedule a cab to take you home, arranging transportation ahead of time is a must for anyone that is drinking. 
  • Use cash- It is easy to drink too much when you have a tab open at the bar, which is why it is also much smarter and safer for you to use cash. By using cash you won’t have to worry about your self control alone determining how much you drink.
  • Drink water- Down a glass of water for every drink that you consume. You will become intoxicated slower, and you will thank yourself in the morning!