Imagine the following situation: You drive to a party, where you are prepared to have just one or two drinks and then head home, but after you drink your couple of beers you are coerced into an intense game of beer pong. Now you are too drunk to go home but a) you really aren’t great friends with the host, so you don’t want to sleep over, and b) everyone you feel comfortable enough with to ask for a ride home is also drunk. What do you do? What you should do is call someone else to come get you, but unfortunately what most people do is try to drive home themselves.

Situations like the one above happen all too often. A great way to avoid those kind of situations is to plan ahead! Bring along a designated driver, program the number for a cab into your phone or plan on staying the night. All of these kinds of things can save you from driving drunk and getting a DUI, or worse. Planning ahead is always an important first step to take whenever you think you might be drinking, even a little bit.

Having a plan in place can help to keep you out of a dangerous situation, as well as saving you from getting an expensive DUI. If you do end up with a DUI, then you need to call our DUI lawyer in Athens, Susan Gwinn Attorney at Law. We will be there whenever you need us, day or night, so don’t hesitate to call us right away!