Unlike a criminal lawyer, a civil litigation lawyer specializes in disputes when parties seek money damages, also known as a litigator or trial lawyer. Some of the most common types of civil litigation include housing law, intellectual property, labor and employment, debt settlement, and antitrust. With the help of Susan Gwinn Law, you will be walked through the process of filing or fighting a lawsuit.

As with a majority of lawsuits, there is a lot of paperwork to fill out, steps, and procedures that need to be followed exactly. An experienced litigator will help you determine if your case has a good chance of being successful or if your situation would be best handled through an alternative resolution. Get in touch with Susan Gwinn if you need help fighting a civil lawsuit — Susan practices law in Southeastern Ohio, serving individuals throughout Athens County.

Medical Malpractice

Doctors and physicians must follow a standard of care that ensures patients receive the same level of treatment across circumstances. If you believe you didn’t receive the standard of care, if a doctor was negligent in his or her treatment, caused you injury, misdiagnosed a condition, or didn’t follow proper aftercare procedures, Susan Gwinn can help.

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation cases can involve a variety of people including insurance carriers and adjusters and medical care providers. Susan Gwinn can help you determine if you qualify for workers’ compensation and help guide you through the process.

Divorce Lawsuits

Facing a divorce is understandably an emotional and stressful process and shouldn’t be faced alone. If you and your spouse have tried to reconcile but have decided to part ways, Susan will be there with you to help with each step of the journey.

When facing a civil lawsuit, you should have someone on your side to represent you and fight for your case. With a civil litigation lawyer like Susan Gwinn, you can count on her experience and knowledge. Get in touch today for a consultation.

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