1. Very Responsive

    I highly recommend Susan as a first rate traffic attorney. She is very responsive and on top of things. She walked me step by step through the traffic court process and helped me understand exactly what to expect. Most importantly, Susan helped facilitate a postive end result.

    T. Stengel
  2. Lucky I found Susan

    Living in North Carolina, I have literally burned up the highway back and forth to Ohio (over the past 30+ years) for family visits and events. On a recent trip, in a new luxury car that still had temporary tags on it, I was stopped in the middle of nowhere (Meigs County), at midnight, and cited for a speeding violation. Upon returning to North Carolina, I left my car at the dealership for some hard-to-diagnose warranty work. When I got my car back, almost a week later, I discovered, to my dismay, that the court date to address my speeding ticket was only one day away. Luckily, I found Susan Gwinn on the internet.  In North Carolina, insurance points for moving violations are no joke. Thanks to Susan, I don’t have any.

    Adrian West
  3. You can trust Susan Gwinn

    Susan represented me in a domestic case, and she dealt honestly with me when no one else would. Her advice saved me money at her expense!

    You can trust Susan Gwinn.

    Eric Martindale
  4. Highly Recommend Susan

    Susan Gwinn was able to tell me over the phone the likely outcome of my ticket. She got my ticket reduced to a no points, non-moving violation which saved me money on my car insurance. I would recommend her in the future.

    Larry Coon