1. Officer Holding a Breathalyzer

    Consider a Traffic Attorney for These Traffic Violations

    It isn’t often you have to think about the mistakes you made, how serious they are, the consequences they will have on your life, and how you should responsibly handle them. For those mistakes, such as traffic violations, depending on the seriousness, hiring a traffic attorney might be something you want to consider. You can count on Susan Gwinn of Athens for traffic attorney services. She provi…Read More

  2. Ohio Points System: Part II

      Last time we briefly discussed the assessment of points to a driver's licence due to traffic offences. As was mentioned, a maximum of 12 points may be added to a driver's licence, at which time a mandatory six month suspension is imposed. This leaves the question of just how those points are accrued. First and foremost, regardless of how minor the traffic ticket, it is important to contact a la…Read More

  3. Know Who to Call When You Need a Traffic Attorney

    When you're in a legal emergency, know who to contact as your traffic attorney. With Susan Gwinn Law, you'll find a dedicated and professionally trained attorney ready to fight for you. Call today to review your case!…Read More

  4. Choose Your Best Traffic Attorney with Susan Gwinn Law

    With so many attorneys and legal practices these days, it can be hard to weed out the best of the best. If you or a family member are trying to find a traffic attorney, contact our office today! There, you'll find the best and highest quality defense for your legal issues and concerns. Don't wait any longer to seek your personalized representation in court. Contact Susan Gwinn Law to get started w…Read More

  5. Contact Our Traffic Attorney to Defend You In Court

    Trying to find the best traffic attorney can be a challenge. However, with Susan Gwinn Law, you’ll find the premium services you’re looking for. With experience defending clients from speeding tickets, moving violations, and a variety of other charges, your case will receive a well thought argument. Don’t wait before it’s too late to seek legal counsel! Give us a call today to get started …Read More

  6. If You Were Charged with A Moving Violation, Our Traffic Attorney Can Help!

    Your traffic violations can cause damage to your driving record very quickly. If you’ve been charged with driving without a license, reckless driving, or speeding, contact our traffic violation lawyer immediately. With experience in the municipal and district courts, your case will be defended with a thorough and thought out defense. Don’t leave your driving record, or reputation, up for grabs…Read More