1. Protect Your Future by Relying on Our Drug Trafficking Lawyer and Attorney in Athens

    Little kids often dream of becoming a firefighter, astronaut, doctor, or ballerina when they grow up. Think about your childhood dream for just a few minutes. While these dreams don't always come true, if you are convicted of a drug trafficking charge in Ohio, you can kiss those dreams, and any other hope for building a good future, goodbye forever. If you are arrested, you need to find an aggress…Read More

  2. An Affordable Drug Trafficking Lawyer and Attorney in Athens

    If you are convicted with drug trafficking in Ohio, there can be serious consequences. Some of these consequences could include time in prison, forfeiture of property, fines, and license suspension. These immediate consequences are bad enough, but now you also have a permanent mark of your background check that could have serious consequences for your future. Luckily for you Susan Gwinn is on your…Read More

  3. Affordable Drug Trafficking Lawyer and Attorney in Athens

    Are you involved in a legal issue because of drug trafficking? Anyone that has ever had trouble with the law knows that it is an incredibly difficult time. Lawyers can be expensive and it can be hard to find the right one. Luckily for you we have an amazing solution. We have the best drug trafficking lawyer and attorney in Athens. Susan Gwinn is the best at what she does because she personally car…Read More

  4. The Best Drug Trafficking Lawyer and Attorney in Athens is on Your Side

    Many people are unaware that misdemeanor drug charges can follow us around for a long time. There are many ways in which a misdemeanor drug charge can a negative effect your future including damage to job prospects, suspension of your driver's license, harder to get insurance, denial of professional licensing, and so much more. In order to preserve your bright future, you need the best drug traffi…Read More