Susan Gwinn is highly experienced when it comes to traffic law, and she will be your strongest advocate if you face any legal matters regarding traffic tickets. Thousands of people are given tickets every day, and it is quite often possible to dispute these in court, with legal representation.

If you feel like your traffic ticket was unjust, Susan Gwinn will be happy to represent you. She has decades of experience and has served countless clients in the Athens, Ohio area and surrounding regions. Everybody deserves legal representation, regardless of whether the legal issue is minor, or a serious infraction. Contact the Susan Gwinn, Attorney at Law, to get started today!

  1. What Are Your Rights in Traffic Court

    What Are Your Rights In Traffic Court?

    In our last blog post we covered a few basic tips that will help you walk into your traffic court case confident and prepared for the standard procedure that will happen, but this week we want to focus on a little more of the legal aspect regarding traffic violations. In the event that you do choose to take a traffic ticket to court, you will need the assistance of a traffic violation attorney, wh…Read More

  2. What You Need to Battle a Traffic Violation

    What You Need To Battle A Traffic Violation

    If you’ve recently been given a traffic ticket for a violation that you feel you didn't deserve, the good news is that you are entirely able to fight the ticket in court. At Susan Gwinn Law, you can count on finding the strong support and defense that you need to ensure that you aren’t taken advantage of during your court case. Here are a few basic tips from Susan Gwinn that will help you ente…Read More

  3. Ohio Points System: Part II

      Last time we briefly discussed the assessment of points to a driver's licence due to traffic offences. As was mentioned, a maximum of 12 points may be added to a driver's licence, at which time a mandatory six month suspension is imposed. This leaves the question of just how those points are accrued. First and foremost, regardless of how minor the traffic ticket, it is important to contact a la…Read More