It is all too easy to go from simply having a few drinks with your friends to sitting in a jail cell. We have all had the experience of believing that you are sober enough to get behind the wheel, when in reality it is a much better decision to call a cab. It is a mistake that could easily be fatal, but if you are lucky enough to simply get a DUI, you need someone on your side who has your best interest in mind. Our DUI Lawyer in Athens, Susan Gwinn, has what it takes to give you the representation that you need when you need it.

Having an experienced lawyer on your side could make a world of difference for your case. Many people feel that the consequences of a DUI are inevitable, therefore there is no reason to hire an attorney, however there could be mitigating circumstances that could change the outcome of your case. No two cases are exactly alike, and you need to find someone to stand up for your rights in order for your case to be judged fairly.

If you have gotten a DUI turn to our attorney right away. If you delay getting the representation that you need you could be negatively effecting the outcome of your case. We are available anytime day or night to take your call and give you the advice that you need. Don’t wait for your DUI to ruin your life, call us today at 740-594-8686. We look forward to hearing from you.