While possession of less than 200 grams marijuana may just be a misdemeanor here in Ohio, having those charges on your permanent record may cause you real trouble and inconvenience down the road. For the rest of your life these charges can haunt you. We have an experienced drug crime lawyer and attorney in Athens and she may be able to help.

Your background check could have an effect on future employment,  housing, and many other important life events. If it can be avoided, you do not want any kind of possession charge to be on your record. Susan Gwinn has years of experience and she always keeps your rights and interests at the forefront of everything that she does. She has represented literally thousands of people and she would love to represent you too.

We know that legal matters have to be dealt with at all times day or night, so we have an after hour emergencies line so that we can better sever and protect you. What may just seem like a small misdemeanor right now can have some major ramifications for your future. No matter the circumstance, you need legal representation that you can trust. Call us today about your situation. We would be happy to help.