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  1. Caring For An Elderly Parent

    Your parents have helped you out since infancy. They have given you food, shelter, love, advice, taught you lessons, and even given you a basis for the way you act. Many times, parents go underappreciated until it is too late. And as your parents get older, they may rely more and more on getting help from you; this is a great way to show your appreciation and help them prepare for the future. Livi…Read More

  2. What Happens When You Fail to Make an Estate Plan

    Life is unpredictable, which is why we need to be prepared. If you die unexpectedly, you want your family to be taken care of. You want them to inherit all of your money, belongings, and overall estate, which is why it is important to go through estate planning before you run out of time. To ensure your property goes where you want, you need to create a will, making sure to state everything and wh…Read More

  3. The Importance of Estate Planning

    We all die. That is all there is to it. There is no avoiding it, no changing it, and no running from it. Nobody knows when it will happen and nobody knows how. We have no control over the way we die and at what point in our life it will occur. But one thing we can control is what happens to our estate after we do pass on. Estate is anything you own. That can be cars, homes, personal possessions, i…Read More

  4. Traffic Violations You Will Want a Traffic Attorney For

    It isn’t often you have to think about mistakes you made, how serious they are, the consequences they will have on your life, and how you should responsibly handle them. For those mistakes, such as traffic violations, depending on the seriousness, an attorney might be something you want to consider. Traffic violations can be anything from parking tickets to a DUI or OVI (Operating a Vehicle Impa…Read More

  5. Difference Between a Trust and a Will

    When life happens you want to be prepared. You want your property to go to people you trust, your children to have a guardian, and your life to be sorted out in case anything ever happens. Contact an attorney to help you get started. There is a process to go through to make sure everything is in place: You create a trust or a will. While they both initially do the same thing, there are differences…Read More

  6. What to Consider Before Writing Your Will

    Writing a will isn’t exactly the thing we look forward to most in life, but it is something that is extremely necessary. At the office of Susan Gwinn Attorney at Law, you can count on your estate planning process being one that is sentimental, professional and thorough, just as anything regarding your life and beneficiaries ought to be. While we can provide you with the care that it takes to hav…Read More

  7. Times A Renter Needs A Lawyer

    When you sign a lease for an apartment or office space, you are agreeing to the terms of a landlord. Unfortunately, there are times where all of the agreements we once signed upon seem entirely unfair and at times can be enough to make our living situation entirely unbearable. If you find yourself between a rock and a hard place with your landlord, then turning to an attorney might be one of the o…Read More

  8. What Are Your Rights In Traffic Court

    In our last blog post we covered a few basic tips that will help you walk into your traffic court case confident and prepared for the standard procedure that will happen, but this week we want to focus on a little more of the legal aspect regarding traffic violations. In the event that you do choose to take a traffic ticket to court, you will need the assistance of a traffic violation attorney, wh…Read More

  9. What You Need To Battle A Traffic Violation

    If you’ve recently been given a traffic ticket for a violation that you feel you are undeserving of, the good news is that you are entirely able to fight the ticket in court. At Susan Gwinn Law, you can count on finding the strong support and defense that you need to ensure that you aren’t taken advantage of during your court case. Here are a few basic tips from Susan Gwinn that will help you …Read More

  10. What To Expect After You Get Pulled Over Drunk – Part 2

    In our last blog post, we covered the initial steps of a DUI arrest and what you can expect in those beginning moments. After a while, you will receive your sentencing and from there will have certain requirements that you have to cover before you’ve fully paid for your DUI. These are the components of a DUI that become stressful, costly and a little bit intimidating, which is where our team of …Read More

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