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Susan Gwinn Provides Results

Whether a speeding ticket or a more serious crime Susan Gwinn pride’s herself in providing the best possible practice in Southern Ohio. Susan Gwinn cares about you and your rights.

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Don’t Settle for a Ticket

The cost of defending a traffic ticket can save you points and increased insurance costs. The usual cost of legal fees for a speeding ticket is $300.

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Know that you are in good hands.

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About Susan Gwinn

Susan Gwinn has represented thousands of clients in many different areas of law. Susan Gwinn represents individuals in serious criminal matters as well as traffic and speeding cases. Susan Gwinn has represented truck drivers, salesmen, and other types of drivers to help them avoid points on their drivers license and other penalties.

Susan Gwinn also handles a number of other types of cases including domestic relations, business formation, estate matters and many other areas. Click here for more information on type of cases she handles.

Why Susan Gwinn

Your emergency is Susan Gwinn’s emergency. Call her office and speak with her in person. Susan Gwinn will quickly assess your case and tell you what she can do for you. Susan Gwinn will tell you the cost of the procedure and the likely outcome. Susan Gwinn treats your case as if it were her own.